About us

AMRS has over the 15 years provided to our Apple customers are great customer repair experience.

This case can be shown if you check the Google reviews (search Apple Mac Repair Liverpool) with repair times of only 1 to 2 working days and a personal service shown by our stuff. They take ownership of individual repairs from enquiry to handing back a successful repair to the Apple customer.

Located in Liverpool Science Park adjacent to both major universities and just a few minutes walk from Liverpool University Hospital we provide a service to Doctors, staff, and students of those institutions.

Speed is of importance to these Apple customers and we are small enough and nimble to respond to the need for fast competent repairs for people in these institutions.

We are aware that the average repair turnaround time for a repair from your Liverpool One Store is at least two weeks and to make a Genius Bar reservation is around seven days.

It’s our goal to provide quality repair services for all Apple computers to our customers, providing excellent customer service and quality repair with quick turnaround time. Our customer’s feedback indicates that we are providing quality repairs, support and continue to do so. We strive to maintain fast and accurate repair service.